Message from head of school

Dear Parents,

Welcome to BVM International! With a passion for lifelong learning, I wish to share my enthusiasm for this school. BVM International will offer the academically rigorous Edexcel program that is respected across the world as an advocate of quality educational standards. The school will offer subjects that are extremely significant not only academically but those that develop skills necessary for the current generation of learners.

The school will offer student centered classrooms to foster innovative practices in education. Music, Visual Arts, Physical activities will all form an integral part of this dynamic curriculum that will ensure holistic student development. Our teachers will create a stimulating learning environment where physical structures along with authentic critical thinking and tasks enable a rich and vibrant learning program. We will leverage technology to connect with global communities through virtual classrooms. Teachers will not look at teaching in generic similarity but will intellectually challenge the strength of each child. Every stakeholder of BVM International will thereby ‘enjoy’ rather than ‘endure’ the process of learning.

The students of BVM international will be anchored to the wisdom of our past while passionately and confidently engaging in creating a world that we all hope for- individuals who value ethics and integrity, who look at collaboration rather than conflict to resolve differences and who are compassionate. Students of BVM International will thereby aspire and seek to study in universities of world class repute whether in India or abroad.

As stakeholders of this community, I welcome you to be a part of this growth.

Thank you for your support.