International GCSE - Grade 9 & 10 (iG)

BVM International offers the globally recognized International GCSE from Edexcel. The IGCSE is a comprehensive two-year programme, spread over Class 9 and 10, and leads to the final examinations offered every year in May and November.

IGCSE assessment is conducted by two UK assessment bodies: Edexcel (also known as London Examinations) and Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

A student who has passed IGCSE is eligible for any +2 level qualification, like Class 12 CBSE/ ICSE or any international pre-university programme like the IB Diploma or the AS and A level IGCSE is a balanced curriculum and a flexible course of study. IGCSE offers a wider range of subjects and encourages high academic standards through a practical approach to teaching and learning. Assessment is not limited to conventional written papers and they consist of a variety of tests e.g. oral and listening tests.

The assessment is aimed at a wide ability range of students, with an eight-point grading scale, from A+ to G, with A+ being the highest.

Most subjects offer a choice between core curriculum and extended curriculum.

This gives students of all ability levels the freedom to choose subjects that are right for them and, thereby, the opportunity to score good grades.

The core curriculum is an overview of the subject and is suitable for students who are expected to grades 4-1.

The extended curriculum is, sort of, a specialisation in that subject. It is more challenging and designed for students who are expected to grades 9-4.

The advantages of IGCSEs are :

Assessments happen in a staged manner. Students can take the exams in November and June.

English is done as a first language. This increases the vocabulary bandwidth of students and helps them with their migration for higher education.

A choice of more than 40 subjects to choose from.

The following are the choice of subjects at BVM International.

  • Languages – English Language B
  • Languages - Tamil, French
  • Maths ( Compulsory)
  • Science – Biology, Physics, Chemistry , Combined Science, Human Biology
  • Information and Communication Technology ( compulsory)

6 subjects are offered as part of the IGCSE by BVM International. Additional subjects can be taken for which there will be a separate fees.