International Primary Curriculum - Grade 1 to 5

The Primary Curriculum : Giving young pupils the best possible foundation for a world-class education.

Realising the real need for an international curriculum for younger students, that can prepare them to be lifelong learners and continue their studies at secondary level &  beyond, the Edexcel Primary Curriculum brings together a framework for three key subjects - English, Mathematics and Science - to give pupils a head-start in learning before they start secondary school.

The Primary Curriculum designed by Edexcel, provides an easy-to- implement framework for a full, engaging and inspiring curriculum. With a focus on English, mathematics and science, the Edexcel Primary Curriculum gives students a well-rounded education, whilst enabling their teachers and parents to monitor their progress.

Designed by an experienced team the Primary Curriculum:

  • Gives pupils a solid foundation for life-long learning – with a structured curriculum for English, Math and Science that leads to improved results and an excellent preparation for further study.
  • Provides an international benchmark of achievement – with externally-marked achievement tests and certification that eases the transition to secondary education
  • Easy to implement and administer – with Edexcel teacher training, and a fully flexible structure that allows teachers to implement it alongside other curricula
  • Engaging and up-to-date – with ideas for lessons and a framework that allows teachers to creatively embed knowledge
  • Allows teachers to track pupils’ progress and identify barriers to learning – through a variety of age-specific progress and achievement tests
  • Offers unrivalled and unique delivery support – with detailed suggestions of published resources embedded within each unit to help teachers to implement the curriculum
  • Provides teachers and our pupils with a seamless and cohesive teaching and learning experience.