Vidhya Sundaram, Mother of Shreya Vembu( Grade 8).
BVMI is a school with a dedicated group of teachers. So, they ensure that the children learn their portions. They take extra effort on their part to ensure that the children understand what is taught. The curriculum really makes the children think and apply their learning

Renganayaki , Mother of Ritvik(Grade 1).
I am quite assured that my kid is in the right hands when it comes to BVMi. True to its mission, the school is building an educational community where it is fostering knowledge and the right attitude in the kid. Every stream of work right from physical activity to organising tech tatva shows and celebrating every cultural event, they are showing diversity in the heart of young minds. The right student to teacher ratio is helping them develop a great rapport with the kid. This is evidently boosting the moral integrity and confidence level of the child. And the teaching emphasizes more on understanding and learning which will give a smarter edge to the children when they grow up. Overall I'm greatly satisfied and would give the teachers and the management a big thumbs up.

Sujatha, Mother of Krithik (Grade 8).
My Son Krithik joined BVMi in the 7th std and has completed his 8th std now. From day 1 he has had a warm welcome. I have seen him blossoming from a shy boy to confident boy over the two years. The school has been a great platform for allowing the children to explore multiple activities across varied domains. Even though small in number, the opportunities the school has created have been good. They ensure children participate in many interschool events which boosts the child to know more about their internal strengths and weakness. They range from sports, science and literary events. They also did a great job during the ISA awards. The children have also learnt to manage their own activities which instill a sense of responsibility in them. I have always been amazed by their founder’s day exhibits where so much of effort has been put in by the students and the teachers. Great Going BVMi.

Poorani , Mother of Sirish (Grade 3).
The Kids get Hands on experience in Science learning. The school also conducts tech tatva and robotics workshop for kids to demonstrate and enhance their science and computer skills.The School creates opportunities for kids to know various fields through field trips and interactions with guests who are authors, mathematicians or armed forces and a few foreigners for cross cultural education. Even the traditional games are revived during Maths week every year, to explain how they are linked to maths with fun. I am happy the teachers take initiative in improving the language skills of kids like teaching tamil literature as Thirukkural and Barathiyar poems, speech in Hindi and dramas in English, which also enhances their confidence in public speaking.